KB0000380 Email and notification options for PIAB hosted customers

PROJECT in a box provides the facility for clients to email files to team members or checkout files to email. For non hosted deployments (where the PIAB server is located at the customer site)it is usual to use the customers email solution (MS Exchange/outlook or SMTP). Hosted customers also have these options avaialble. However, to prevent message SPAM and blacklisting of our relay we can only accept mail configured to route to specific customer email domains.

To provide the SMTP mail facility to hosted customers we need to configure the SMTP settings at the server. There are two options available.

  • We can smart host PIAB client orginated mail from the 'Piaboffice.co.uk' mail exachange relay to the customers own company mail excahange. This would only route emails detsined for the customers mail domain. To configure this we need to know the following. The ipaddress and host name of the customers MX. The customer may also need to configure there SMTP gateway to except mail from 'piaboffice.co.uk <>.
  • The customer can provide us with an SMTP user account for their own Mail server. The account must have permission to send email from any domain local address to any domain local address. We will need the account name, password and smtp server address.

If you have any questions please contact support@projectinabox.org.uk

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