KB0000360 Custom Reporting Templates

PIAB uses report templates in the form of a set XSL stylesheets, CSS and supporting images to create reports in HTML format. From version 3.2, you can create multiple sets of these files and choose them when creating reports. The name of the folder containing the templates is used as the display name when selecting these templates.

Normally, both the default and custom report template files are stored on the server within the 'clientsupportfiles' package that is distributed to the PIAB client on each login. You can use this mechanism to modify and distribute report templates.

In addition, you can create and choose local custom report templates, which are independent of the server. This is provided to allow local development and testing of report templates, prior to distribution.

Default Report Template

The default report template files are stored on the server in:

[install folder]\piabws\customcontent\clientsupportfiles\xsl

and these are distributed to the PIAB client on each login. The complete set of reporting template files consists of:

Item Description
*.xsl files XSL stylesheets for different report types.
support folder Contains supporting image files e.g. RAG icons, logo files, and .CSS stylesheets
portfolio folder Contains a spreadsheet for the special 'Project Summary Data' report over a portfolio.
ppp folder Contains a spreadsheet for the special 'Sales Funnel Report'.

Distributed Custom Report Templates

These optional custom report templates are stored in folders within the 'clientsupportfiles' folder on the server e.g.

[install folder]\piabws\customcontent\clientsupportfiles\xsl\custom\Custom Report Set 1\
[install folder]\piabws\customcontent\clientsupportfiles\xsl\custom\Custom Report Set 2\

Again, like the default report template, these custom templates are distrbuted to the PIAB clients on each login, as part of the 'clientsupportfiles' package.

Local Custom Report Templates

Local custom report templates are independent of the server, and are stored in the clients local files, e.g. in the Windows Profile:

C:\Users\John.Smith\AppData\Local\piab\localreporttemplates\My Local Report Set 1\

or, if in portable mode:

[install folder]\local\localreporttemplates\My Local Report Set 1\

This would appear in the 'Presentation Options' as e.g.

(local) My Local Report Set 1

Creating a New Custom Report Template

To create a new Custom Report Template:

  1. Select 'Reports | Project Report' from the main menu.
  2. Select the 'Presentations Options' tab.
  3. Click the 'Open Report Template Folder' - these are the distributed report templates from the server.
  4. Click the 'Open Local Report Template Folder' - these are your local report templates.
  5. Create a new sub-folder in 'localreporttemplates' e.g. 'My Local Custom Report Set 1'.
  6. Copy a set of .XSL files and supporting folders from 'clientsupportfiles\xsl' into this folder (as listed above, note that not all reports require all the files and folders, but it is simplest to copy a complete set.)
  7. Edit the new .XSL, .CSS etc. files as you require.

When you come to run a Project or Portfolio report, select 'Presentation Options' and choose a reporting template from the list. Your list should now include:

  1. Default
  2. (local) My Local Custom Report Set 1
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