KB0000310 Customising the Browser App Look and Feel

You can customise the look and feel of the Browser App to fit with your organisation's schemes: colours, fonts, logos etc.

Style Sheet

The CSS style sheet for the application is 'piabws\customcontent\Styles.css'. A number of alternative stylesheets are included with the distribution or you may copy/modify the default one.

Customised Content

The key elements for content customisation are in the piabws\customcontent folder:

Item Description
include-default.welcome.inc HTML Content for the welcome message on the Home page
include-header.inc HTML Content for the header banner
include-resources.left.inc HTML Content for the left hand panel of the Resources page
include-resources.right.inc HTML Content for the right hand panel of the Resources page
images A folder containing customisable images
images/home-page-background.png The background image shown on the home page
include-mainmenu.config An XML file allowing you to modify the main menu

The include-mainmenu.config File

This XML file allows you to modify and extend the main menu shown in the Enterprise Hub. The options are:

  1. Adding extra items with an associated URL
  2. Changing the names of the menu items e.g. from 'Home' to 'PIAB Home'


    <item url="http://myintranet/" name="Intranet Home" target=""/>
    <alias from="Home" to="PIAB Home"/>
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