KB0000300 Configuration Notifications Using piabtriggerwatch


piabtriggerwatch.exe is a server-side command-line program that triggers email notifications from PIAB on a routine basis. It is normally set up to run as a Windows Scheduled Task e.g. once a day. It triggers two types of email notification:

  1. A document notification informing that a file hasn't been checked-in by a pre-defined date.
  2. Tasks matching notification rules configured via the Plan sub-system.

In order to generate these notifications, you will need to set up a Windows Scheduled task to run 'piabtriggerwatch.exe' with credentials that have access to the 'piab' database.


-? -help            (Show Usage)
-doc|plan           (Document or plan notifications only, default is both)
-v                  (Verbose Logging)
-resetlog           (Reset Log File)
-test               (Test Mode, no emails sent)
-delay n            (Send delay in n milliseconds between multiple emails.)
-planxsl            (Path to an XSL stylesheet to override 
                     the default for plan notification emails.)
-docsubject         (Override the default subject in document emails.)
-plansubject        (Override the default subject in plan emails.)
-format html|plain  (Plaintext or HTML emails. Default is 'html')


piabtriggerwatch uses the SMTP settings configured using the 'PROJECT in a box Server Management' tool.


piabtriggerwatch.exe must be run in a scheduled task with the credentials of a user that has at least read access to the database and r/w access to the filesystem.

The program reads the database connection string, SMTP settings and other information from the same conig file as used by the web server application: piabws.cfg.

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