KB0000270 Configuring the Indexing Service


This article describes how to configure the Windows Indexing Service to work with PIAB. This interface allows you to search for filenames and the content of many file types.


Your project documents are stored in a 'doc' folder. The default location is:

c:\Program Files\PROJECT in a box Professional\doc

When using Windows Indexing Service, you first create a 'Catalog' to store your index, and then add the 'doc' directory to it for indexing. If you change the location of the 'doc' folder, e.g. to put it on a remote share, then you must edit the Indexing Service configuration to suit.

Creating the Indexing Service Catalog

  1. Run the 'Computer Management' console (right click on 'My Computer' and select 'manage').
  2. Select 'Services and Applications|Indexing Service'.
  3. Right-click to create a new catalog.
  4. Name it 'piabdoc'.
  5. Set its location to be:
c:\Program Files\PROJECT in a box Professional\idx

Adding the 'doc' folder to the Catalog

  1. Right-click the catalog and add a new directory.
  2. Enter the path of your 'doc' folder (local or remote via an UNC path).

Setting the Server Config File to use Indexing Service

Ensure the server config file 'piabws.cfg' is set as follows:


    <!-- "simple", "indexingservice" or "windowssearch" -->
    <!-- Protection for too-general searches -->
    <!-- Override Defaults for Service Providers -->

The 'protectionthreshold' setting is a limiter for the server to prevent users making searches that return a very large set of results and degrade server performance. This setting can be tightened or relaxed to suit your setup.

Default Settings

The default connection string for the indexing service provider is:

Provider=MSIDXS.1;Integrated Security .='';

The default settings for the Catalog are:

Item Value
Catalog Name'piabdoc'
Catalog Location'c:\Program Files\PROJECT in a box Professional\idx'
Directory'c:\Program Files\PROJECT in a box Professional\doc'


  • If using a remote 'doc' folder then you must ensure that the Indexing Service has sufficient permissions to read and index the folder.
  • If using a remote 'doc' folder then you must use a UNC path e.g. \\server\share rather than a mapped drive. This is because the drive mapping only exists in the context of a logged-in user and not in the context of the Indexing Service.
  • The catalog files can be kept in the default location ('PROJECT in a box Professional\idx') even if the 'doc' folder is in a separate location.
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