KB0000130 Citrix Deployment

There are two main issues to consider when deploying PIAB in a Citrix environment:

  1. Location of the client configuration file piabpe.cfg that provides user-specific options and settings to the PIAB Professional client.
  2. Location of the Temporary, Checkout and Reporting folders that are used by the PIAB client for viewing, working with project files and creating and storing project reports.

Location of the Configuration File

In a typical non-Citrix installation the client configuration file piabpe.config is located in the bin folder of the installation e.g.

C:\Program Files\Project in a Box Professional\bin\piabpe.cfg

In this way the configuration file will be shared between all users of the client PC. This is not appropriate in a Citrix environment as it would mean that all users in the enterprise would share the same client settings. Because of this, PIAB provides the following command line switches for the client:

piabpe.exe /config /lDirects the PIAB client to use the Local Application Data Special Folder for the current, non-roaming user e.g. for user jon

M:\Documents and Settings\jon\Local Settings\Application Data\piab\piabpe.cfg
piabpe.exe /config /aDirects the PIAB client to use the Application Data special folder for the current, roaming user e.g. for user jon

M:\Documents and Settings\jon\Application Data\piab\piabpe.cfg
piabpe.exe /config /p “C:\some location”Directs the PIAB client to use the location:

C:\some location\piabpe.cfg
piabpe.exe /config /s “ \\<mynetworkshare>\piabfiles\%USERNAME%\”Directs the PIAB client to use a location for its local data folders :

\\mynetworkshare\piabfiles\%USERNAME%\''. This example allows the use of an environment variable to differentiate bewtween user locations. NB, be aware that folder perissions for each user will be the same, i.e. users may be able to access each others data folders. We advise using an ACL tool to manually change the folder permissions afterwards.

When these command lines switches are used, the client looks for the piabpe.config configuration file in the specified location. If it doesn't find one there then it will copy the default version of the file from the installation folder (shown above). In this way you may create a default configuration file that is farmed out automatically to new users.

Location of the Temporary, Checkout and Report folders

The PIAB client uses folders for general file viewing, for checking out/in project files and for creating report documents. These can be specified in the PIAB client by selection Admin|Options from the main menu and using the following form. These paths are stored in the piabpe.cfg configuration file.

If you leave these paths blank, then the PIAB client will use the Temp and My Documents folders for the current user. In a typical Citrix environment these would be on the server. This will ensure that user files will be differentiated correctly. Alternatively, you may enter file paths that are specific to your environment e.g. folders on the local PC (mapped from the Citrix session), network shares or a redirected Home folder

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