KB0000120 External Check-In Tool

PROJECT in a box includes a facility for checking-in files from external sources, for instance spreadsheets exported from a third party applications. Use the command line tool piabcheckinexternal.exe called from a Windows command file. This tool can be found in the bin folder of your PROJECT in a box installation folder.


Step 1

In the PROJECT in a box client, use the Option to show Database ID Numbers to get the ID of the Project and the File that you want to check in.

Step 2

Create a Windows command file, like the one below, specifying your login details to the PROJECT in a box server and the details of the file you want to check in:

Example Windows Command File:

piabcheckinexternal.exe ^
-noproxy ^
-u Admin ^
-p admin ^
-w ^
-f “C:\Data Export\Project Finance.xls” ^
-pid 101 ^
-fid 106 ^
-desc “Project Finance Export Spreadsheet”

Step 3

You can then run the command file directly, from another script (e.g. an export script from the thrid party application) or as a conventional Windows Scheduled Task.

Command Line Options for piabcheckinexternal.exe

-u user
-p password
-w (Use Windows Authentication to IIS)
-t (HTTP Timeout, s)
-noproxy (Ignore the default client proxy settings)
-f “<filepath>”
-pid N (The Project ID)
-fid M (The File ID)
-desc “Some Description” (The Check-in Description)

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