KB0000070 Server Config File Reference (piabws.config)

The file piabws.config (location: piabws/bin/piabws.config) contains the configuration settings for the PROJECT in a box Enterprise Hub and web service (used by the client).

Section Layout

  <general/>       General settings e.g. server string, paths etc.
  <excel/>         OleDb settings for reading Excel files for reports.
  <msp/>           OleDb settings for reading MSP files for reports.
  <watches/>       SMTP settings and other settings for email notifications.
  <email/>         Standard email subject and text.
  <admintool/>     Used by the PIAB Server program.
  <clientoptions/> Server-enforced client options. 
  <psi/>           For connecting to a Microsoft Project Server instance.
  <importusers/>   LDAP settings for importing user accounts from AD.
  <hub/>           Settings for Enterprise Hub.

Section: <general>

Database Server Connection String. In the past, the extra option “Pooling=False;” has been necessary.


For use in a Windows Domain environment, you may force the client to use Windows Authentication (via IIS).


Server File Paths (relative to the piabws) folder. The exporturl path is a URL presented to the client to display the exported project.


Windows Search Index Catalog location.


This sets the log verbosity level. The default value is 5.


Section: <excel>

This section specifies the way that the server reads Micrsoft Excel files for use in reports. This is dependent on the software installed on the server.

Using the JET OleDb Driver (i.e. if you have no MS Office installed)

<oledbextendedproperties>Excel 8.0;HDR=No;IMEX=1;</oledbextendedproperties>

Using the MS Office 2003 OleDb Driver

<oledbextendedproperties>Excel 11.0;HDR=No;IMEX=1;</oledbextendedproperties>

Using the MS Office 2007 OleDb Driver

<oledbextendedproperties>Excel 12.0;HDR=No;IMEX=1;</oledbextendedproperties>

Section: <msp>

For reading Micrsoft Project .mpp files on the server via OleDb. Note that this is no longer possible in Microsoft Project 2007. The following settings refer to Micrsoft Project 2003.


Section: <psi>

Settings for connecting to a Microsoft Project Server instance.


Section: <watches>

Settings for the SMTP client on the server, used for notifcations (watches) and sending

email via the hub forms or using the 'SMTP' option on the client.

  <subject>Message from PIAB</subject>
  <heading>Alert from PROJECT in a box</heading>

Sysadmin Alerts

Sysadmin alerts (set to blank to disable) and comma-separated list of log codes to alert on.

E.g. 1 = login, 100 = view file,


SMTP client settings


Send synchronously or asyncronously


Section: <email>

Specify the default subject and message text to use in the email client.

<checkout_subject>Checkout File from PROJECT in a box</checkout_subject>
<checkout_message>Please review the attached file(s).</checkout_message>
<view_subject>File(s) from PROJECT in a box</view_subject>
<view_message>Please see the attached file(s).</view_message>

Section: <hub>

IIS Authentication

Set the Enterprise Hub to use basic or Windows Authentication (via IIS).


Hub Guest User

If you are not using Windows Authentication, then you may nominate a single user to be a 'guest user'. Users can login as this guest user without supplying a password.


Hiding Project Info

Settings for the project information panel on the home page of the Enterprise Hub.


Filename Convention

When viewing or editing files, PIAB applies a filename convention so that the raw filename is expanded to included other useful information e.g. the project name, the document name, the version etc. These are set on a user-specific basis for users that have set options via the PIAB client. For hub-only users however the default values may be set as follows.



PIAB ships with an optional copy of Snitz Forums, which is disabled by default. If you wish to use the forum, or add links to your own, then it can be enabled with the following settings.

<forum_label>Please click here to link to the user forum.</forum_label>

Section: <clientoptions>

Options that feed through to the PIAB client from the server.


Force filename conventions in the client, values: True=Force On, False=Force Off, Blank=All client to choose.


Set the location of a spreadsheet used in the client to select between different method templates.


Force the client to provide a non-blank description when checking-in files.


File Version Format

Set the file version format and the version of files when they are initially created. The underlying version number is e.g. 2.4.1, 2.4.2… and this is translated into a 'Version Code' e.g. 2.4.a, 2.4.b… or 2.iv.1, 2.iv.2… using the 'versioning format'. Versioning format codes are as follows:

Code Meaning
0 Number (0,1,2…)
a Lower case letter (a,b,c…) where 0=a, 2=b…
a+ Lower case letter (a,b,c…) where 1=a, 2=b…
A Upper case letter (A,B,C…) where 0=A, 2=B…
A+ Upper case letter (A,B,C…) where 1=A, 2=B…
i Lower case Roman numeral (i,ii,iii…) where 0=i, 1=ii…
i+ Lower case Roman numeral (i,ii,iii…) where 1=i, 2=ii…
I Upper case Roman numeral (I,II,III…) where 0=I, 1=I…
I+ Upper case Roman numeral (I,II,III…) where 1=I, 2=II…

The 'versioning initial' setting specifies the starting version number e.g. 0.0.0 or 0.0.1

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