KB0000064 Custom Client Installer

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For advanced users, we have provided scripts for packaging the standard client installer plus any customised support files (setup.ini, piabpe.cfg, locale folders) into a self-extracting 7z zip file. The items involved in this function are:

Item Description
make-client-custom-setup.cmd Command script to zip the files into the self-extracting package.
config-client-custom-setup.txt File of instructions to run at when extracting and installing.
piabpe-client-custom-setup Folder containing the setup.exe installer and its supporting files

When you run 'make-client-custom-setup.cmd' this will package the files into:


Contents of config-client-custom-setup.txt

Title="PROJECT in a box Client Setup"
BeginPrompt="Do you want to install and run the PROJECT in a box Client?"

Local Customisations

Within the 'piabpe-client-custom-setup' folder, you can provide local customised files:

Item Description
setup.ini A setup.ini file that can specify for example the server URL
piabpe.cfg A custom client config file
locale A custom locale folder for the client. When the setup.exe program is run, this will be copied to 'PROJECT in a box Professional\locale'

For more details on local customisations, please see: KB0000063 Setting Installed Client Options

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