KB0000061 Configuring the Download Clients


The PROJECT in a box Client is a lightweight .NET program that can be deployed using a self-extracting zip (7z) file that users can download from a URL provided via the Enterprise Hub.

These files are created in the 'piabws\deploy' folder so that they can be downloaded from Enterprise Hub's 'Resources' page.

Normal Configuration

The deployment clients can be configured and packaged directly from the 'PROJECT in a box Server' tool. To access this feature:

  • On the server, run the 'PROJECT in a box Server' tool.
  • Select the 'Deployment Client' tab.
  • Review the client config files for the deployment clients, and optionally test them locally using the 'Test', 'Save' and 'Refresh' buttons. At this point you can modify the client settings e.g. including the URL you use to connect to your server, and other client options that you wish your users to have.
  • Click 'Create Deployment Clients' to run the toolkit scripts that create the clients in the 'piabws\deploy' folder.
  • Test the clients on a remote PC.

Advanced: Toolkit Scripts

The 'PROJECT in a box Server' tool is a user interface to a set of scripts that package the clients for deployment. These scripts are customisable for your organisation. These scripts can be found in your PROJECT in a box installation folder, in e.g.:

C:\Program Files\PROJECT in a box Professional\make-deployment-client\
Item Description
7-zip PortableThe 7-Zip utility (see http://www.7-zip.org) that creates self-extracting executable archive files
7zS.sfxA small program included with 7-Zip to create self-extracting executables
config-runonce.txtA text file containing instructions specific to the “runonce” version of the PROJECT in a box client.
make-step-1.cmdA command file to perform Step 1 of the make process: Clearing the existing sub-folders in preparation for Step 2.
make-step-2.cmdA command file to perform Step 2 of the make process: Getting the current PROJECT in a box client files into the appropriate sub-folders.
make-step-3.cmdA command file to perform Step 3 of the make process: Creating the self-extracting zip files for deployment and copying the files to a web-deployment location. You may customise this file for your own locations if required.

Deployment Steps

Step Description
1 Run make-step-1.cmd to clear old client files from the local folders.
2.1 Run make-step-2.cmd to get the latest client files from your PROJECT in a box installation folder. Note that the client must be locally installed to get these files. They are copied to the piabpe-client and piabpe-portable folders.
2.2 Run the PROJECT in a box client from the piabpe-runonce and piabpe-portable folders, in turn. Connect to your server and make any changes to the client config you require (e.g. startup options, connection options, URLs etc.) These options are written to the local client config file (bin\piabpe.cfg).
3 Run make-step-3.cmd to create the self-extracting zip files for deployment. By default, these are copied to your ..\piabws\deploy folder so they are accessible via the Resources pages on Enterprise Hub.

Output Files

The output files are copied to the piabws\deploy folder so they can be downloaded from the hub Resources page.

File Description
piabpe-client-runonce.exeThe client files are unpacked to the user's temp folder and deleted when the program has finished. The client config file piabpe.cfg is retained however in the user's profile, so that when the program is run again, the existing user options will be retained.
piabpe-portable.exeThis is a self-extracting executable that installs a client suitable for running from a USB key or removable device. All the files. All the client folders (e.g. temp, Check-Out/In, reports etc.) and the client config file piabpe.cfg are kept local to the key itself.

Customising the Installers

The installers use config text files that can be customised before carrying out Step 3 (above). The defaults supplied are:


Title="PROJECT in a box - Client"
;BeginPrompt="Do you want to run the PROJECT in a box Client?"
RunProgram="\\piabpe-client\\bin\\piabpe.exe /config /l"
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