KB0000044 Integration with EPM

The following white paper discusses how PROJECT in a box can be integrated with Micrsooft EPM (Microsoft Project Server 2007 and Microsoft Project Web Access 2007).


PROJECT in a box provides the best in methodology led project management and reporting with a focus on easy to use interfaces for the project and portfolio teams. Microsoft EPM is the market leading solution in resource pool and planning management at a corporate level. Both platforms utilise the same technology base and server-client-web interface model and so lend themselves to integration. This paper will take you through the practical steps undertaken at the following levels:

  • Linking the servers
  • Linking at a project level
  • Branding consistency

EPM Integration White Paper


You will need to know the relevant URLs of your Sharepoint/EPM installation.

Typical examples for an installation running on a server called 'epmserver' on port 8998 would be:

Web Browser Interface: http://epmserver:8998/PWA

Project Server Web Services (PSI) Interface: http://epmserver:8998/PWA/_vti_bin/psi/project.asmx

PIAB requires the PSI Interface URL for reading Microsoft Project plan data from the server.

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