KB0000033 Client Command Line Options

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The /config command line option sets the location of the client config file piabpe.config for default, non-roaming or roaming user profiles. Note that if you use the non-default settings, but do not provide a copy of piabpe.xml in the correct location, then the client program will simply take a copy of piabpe.config from the default location (shown below).

<DEFAULT>If you don't specify a /config option then the client will use the config file piabpe.config in the bin folder of the installation path e.g.

C:\Program Files\Project in a Box Professional\bin\piabpe.config
/config /lNon-Roaming Profile. Use the Local Application Data folder e.g.

C:\Documents and Settings\jon\Local Settings\Application Data\piab\piabpe.config
config /aRoaming Profiles. Use ApplicationData\piab\piabpe.xml (roaming users)

C:\Documents and Settings\jon\Application Data\piab\piabpe.config
/config /p “<path>”Use a named path e.g.

/config /p “c:\my files”
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