KB0000025 Configuring Backup

Project in a Box can be backed up in a number of ways to suit your configuration. There are these elements to consider:

  • SQL Server database (your project and portfolio structure).
  • The 'doc' folder (your project files).
  • The 'template2.0' folder (your project templates).
  • 'Custom Content' (report templates, Enterprise Hub custom text, files and images etc.)

SQL Server database backup

Location: “piab” database.

The SQL Server database contains the structure of your projects and portfolios. It is essential to take regular backups of the PROJECT in a Box database, normally called “piab”, and keep the backup files in sync with the backup of your doc folder, which contains the project files.

You may use any technique to backup the database e.g.

  • The PROJECT in a box Server Tool
  • A 3rd party backup tool that handles SQL databases
  • Microsoft tools e.g. SQL Management Studio or the SQLCMD command line tool

Backing up with the PROJECT in a box Server tool

To backup with the PROJECT in a box Server tool:

1. Run the PROJECT in a box Server tool (in Vista, right click and 'Run as Administrator').

2. Select the 'Utilities' tab.

3. In the section 'Backup Database', enter the path of file to backup to e.g.


4. Click 'Backup'

Doc folder backup

Location: [INSTALL FOLDER]\doc

The doc folder is an essential element of the backup. It contains the entire file history of all the projects in PIAB. The backup of this folder must be kept in sync with the SQL Server database backup, otherwise if a restore is required then the database may not match the set of files.

Project template files

Location: [INSTALL FOLDER]\template2.0

PIAB ships with a standard project template files and we provide others. They are normally stored in the template2.0 folder. These supplied templates can be restored from your install media if necessary.

However, you may create your own template in which case it's essential to back up these files.

Export templates files

Location: [INSTALL FOLDER]\export

Files in this folder are used to export projects to html pages. You may customise the look and feel of these pages in which case you should back them up.

Custom Content

Location: [INSTALL FOLDER]\piabws\customcontent

Custom content includes reporting templates, custom text in Enterprise Hub, customised icons and images etc.

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