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The PIAB installer is set up to create the 'piab' database on a typical, local instance of SQL Server, normally SQL Express 2008, SQL Express 2005 or MSDE (SQL 2000). PIAB can also use a remote SQL instance - you will need to know the instance name and have sufficient permissions to restore and administer a database on that SQL instance.

A Local SQL Instance

Using a local copy of SQL Server Express, or the older MSDE, the default instance name is as follows:

SQL Sever Version Default SQL instance Name
SQL Express 2008(local)\SQLEXPRESS
SQL Express 2005(local)\SQLEXPRESS
MSDE 2000(local)

There are various valid reasons why this may need manual installation on your PC:

  • Your SQL Server instance is on a separate PC
  • You have installed SQL Server in a non-default location
  • You have named your instance something other than the default
  • You have uninstalled and reinstalled a SQL Server product

In this case we provide tools to address these issues - in the PROJECT in a box Server program. Alternatively you can use your own Microsoft SQL Server administration tools.

NOTE If your SQL Server is on a remote PC, then you will need to install the PROJECT in a box Server program on that remote PC, and run it from there. You can do this with the PIAB installer, no extra licencing is required.

Checking the SQL Server Connection

  1. Run the PROJECT in a box Server program. You must run this program 'As Administrator' - sure to right click and Run as Administrator.
  2. Go to the Database tab.
  3. Check the name of the server, for default local installations see the table above. Otherwise it should be set to your local or remote SQL Server instance name.
  4. Click Test Connection to test your connection to the SQL Server. If this is not OK then please review the server name.
  5. Click Show Databases to show a list of databases on that SQL Server. It should include the piab database, if not you must create it from a backup file.

Creating the 'piab' Database from Backup File

The task is to restore the piab database from a SQL Server .bak backup file that will have been placed in the PIAB install folder by the installer.

  1. Go to the Database 2 tab
  2. Look at the Create Database from File section
  3. In the Create From line, click the button to browse for a valid .bak file in the PROJECT in a box Professional\sqlbackup folder. There are different backup files for different SQL versions - Click Create. This will attempt to restore the backup from file.
  4. If this fails, then you may need to use the With Move option. This is used when you have a non-default data location for SQL Server. Click Use With Move on, and use the button to browse for the correct data folder. It will be something like

    Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data

  5. Click Create
  6. Use the Show Databases link to ensure that the piab database has been successfully installed.

Setting up PROJECT in box to use the Database

You must set the piab database to allow access from the PROJECT in a box application. In practice this means granting permissions to the Windows user that runs the server's ASP.NET Application.

  1. Go to the Database tab
  2. In the Add user to database section, select a user to add according to your configuration:
Configuration Windows Account
Windows 2008R2 ServerIIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool
Windows 2008 ServerIIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool
Windows 2000 Server%machinename%\ASPNET
Separate SQL Server and Webserver PCs on a Domain%domain%\%machinename%$
Vista with Personal Web Server%yourusername%
Windows XP Professional%machinename%\ASPNET
Windows 2000 Professional%machinename%\ASPNET
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