KB00000144 Windows 2012 support (including IIS v8)

Enterprise and Small team Edition's are both supported on Windows 2012 servers and Windows 8. However, installers for v3 and v4 do not automatically configure the PIABWS web application in IIS v8. This will need to be done manually at the end of the normal PIAB install process.

To create the PIABWS web application manually you will need to follow these steps. NB the example I give allows you to use the DefaultappPool, you could create a new app pool with specific account - method is the same.

  1. Run IIS manager
  2. Select the local server 'Application Pools'
  3. Select Default Application Pool, right click and select set application pool defaults
  4. Under 'General' set the .NET framework version from v4.0 to v2.0
  5. Go to the root of 'Sites' and right click on your Default site. Selecting 'Add Application'
  6. Set the 'Alias' to 'PIABWS', and confirm it is using the DefaultAppPool.
  7. Set the physical path to your PIABWS folder within your PIAB installation location. e.g. c:\program files\PROJECT in a box Professional\PIABWS. Then click ok.

You will then need to add the default account for the web application to the PIAB database.

  1. Run 'Server Management Tool
  2. Select 'Database' tab
  3. In the 'Database accounts add the account IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool

For more information please contact support@projectinabox.org.uk

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