KB3010210 Server Install Quick Checklist

This is a quick checklist to perform after a new installation. It is not an exhaustive test of the product, but verifies that all the main server features have been enabled.


# Item Done
1.1Have you planned a server pattern e.g. the default single server or a distributed pattern? (see KB2410150 Server Setup Patterns)
1.2Is IIS installed on the server?
1.3Is the .NET framework installed?
1.4Is ASP.NET 2.0 enabled in IIS extensions?
1.5Is a SQL Server instance available, locally or remotely?
1.6Is the Windows Indexing Service installed and running (used for searching)?
1.7Do you have the settings for a valid SMTP server to use?


Windows Settings

# Item Done
2.1Does IIS contain the virtual directory 'piabws'?
2.2Is the 'piabws' Virtual Directory set to use ASP.NET 2.0?
2.3Is 'piabws' set as an IIS application?
2.4Is 'piabws' set to allow script execution?
2.5Is the Directory Security for 'piabws' set to Anonymous or Windows Authentication? (to match your intended authentication scheme, see KB2410110 Using Active Directory Authentication). N.B. We recommend you use Anonymous authentication first, then switch to Windows Authentication later because the clients and Enterprise Hub must be configured correctly or you will have trouble logging in.
2.6Are the permissions set to r/w for the 'piabws' application user on specific application folders? (see KB2410180 Server Folder Permissions)
2.7Does the Windows Indexing Service contain a catalog called 'piabdoc'?
2.8Does your SQL Server instance now contain a database called 'piab'?
2.9Does the ASP.NET application user (normally 'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE') have DBO privileges on the 'piab' database?
2.10Have you created a backup scheme? (see KB2310030 Backup)

Application Settings

# Item Done
3.1Have you applied a licence to the PIAB server? You should have been given the option to do this on install, otherwise you can get your licence from the 'PROJECT in a box Server' program, or by logging into your customer page on the main website.
3.2Have you set the SMTP settings for notifications and other email functions? (see KB2410030 Configure Email (SMTP) on the Server)
3.3Have you set up a Windows Scheduled Task for daily notifications?
3.4Do you want to use Active Directory integration? (see KB2410110 Using Active Directory Authentication)
3.5Have you set up clients for deployment via the Enterprise Hub? (see KB2410032 Client Deployment)

Quick Test Plan

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