KB3010020 Technical Changes in PE 3.0

New Plan Subsystem

Version 3.0 is a significant step forward in functionality - the application now includes the ability to consume project plans (e.g. Microsoft .mpp files, .xls, .xlsx files etc.) and store and consolidate the task information across projects and portfolios. Tasks from the plans can be assigned to PIAB users, and there is a rich set of reporting and querying tools.

However, this does not require a significant change in the application architecture, or the way it is in installed or deployed. The new planning subsystem is a contained in a new set of database tables and views. The upgrade from 2.8 consists of applying SQL scripts to upgrade the database, updating the server application files, and re-deploying the new 3.0 clients to desktops.

Project and Portfolio Dashboard

The PIAB client now includes a Project and Portfolio Dashboard, that can display the user's choice of project status information e.g. status flags, textual summary info as well as task and resourcce summaries from the new plan sub-system.

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