Configuring Notifications


The server can send out email notifications via SMTP in response to various events e.g.

  • Administrative logging, monitoring and security alerts;
  • User activities such as checking in a file, or not checking in a file by a deadline;
  • Plan tasks by criteria e.g. 'My overdue tasks'.

Some of these are triggered automatically when an action occurs e.g. checking in a file. Others must be triggered using the 'piabtriggerwatch.exe' utility. This is command line file run on the server as a scheduled task typcially once a day.

Set up a Scheduled Task

You must set up a Scheduled Task on the server to trigger emails at your choice of time, e.g. everyday at 10am. For details of how to use 'piabtriggerwatch.exe' please see:

KB3010300 Configuration Notifications Using piabtriggerwatch

Note that piabtriggerwatch uses the SMTP settings configured using the 'PROJECT in a box Server Management' tool.

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