KB2810316 Uploading a modified template fails with 'Access denied'

Affected Systems

Windows 2003 Server with SP2

Problem Description.

When attempting to upload a modified template you get the error message Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\PROJECT in a box Professional\Template2.0\<template folder name><filename.URL is denied (paibde.clsDb.TemplateAddTemplateFiletoDoc

This is caused by a problem with Windows 2003 reported in this KB article http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=320081

If you look at the properties of file above you will notice that it no longer has a security tab.


Refer to the KB artcle above. You will need to delete the specific template folder and contents (to remove the offending .URL file) NB do not delete the the template2.0 folder. You will likely need to reboot the server before deleting the 'url file.

You could also create a new ACL for the file in question using CACLS. From a command prompt go to the folder containing the .url file and run

cacls “<file.url>” /t /e /g administrator:f system:f

This should create a new ACL list for that file giving 'administrator' and 'system' full access. You should now be able to delete the .url file.

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