KB2800020 Technical Changes in PE 2.8

The search mechanisms available on the server now include 'Windows Search', 'Indexing Service' and a built-in 'Simple' search that doesn't rely on Windows services. See KB2800010 Search.

Portfolio Permissions

In previous versions, all users would see all portfolios, the only restriction being that only some users were allowed to edit the portfolio summary data. In this version, the 'no access/read/write/modify' permissions are applied so that a user will only see portfolios for which they have better than 'no access' permissions.

There is a new 'All Projects' surrogate portfolio, which lists all the projects that a user has at least read permissions on. In the client, it is equivalent to 'No Porfolio Selected' as if the user selected a project via the 'Select Project' form rather than 'Select Portfolio and Project' form. For instance, there is no portfolio summary data available, and portfolio reports cannot be run.

Custom Permissions Model

A new 'Custom Permissions' model can grant flexible sets of Admin and PMO functionality to non-Admin, Manager users. This is available from the the 'Admin/Manage Users' form.

File Naming Format

The file naming and versioning formats can be project-specific and changed on-the-fly. Defaults can be set at server, template or project level. Once a project is created, its file naming and versioning formats can be modified and saved with the projects. In addition, the settings can be overriden in the PIAB client if required for ad-hoc operations. This is available in the 'Project Summary Info' form, in the 'Client Options - General' tab.

Project-Specific Extended Properties

Project Summary Info expanded to hold Project Code and Project-Specific Extended Property definitions and values. These follow the same pattern as the existing 'Extended Properties' stored in the project template, but can be changed for each project with appropriate permissions.

Primavera Support

Support added for reading project plan data into reports from Primavera XER files and databases. XER files can be stored in PIAB in the conventional way (e.g. like .mpp files) and reported on. Primavera data stored in a database can be accessed using an appropriate connection string and JDBC driver on the server.

Other New Features

  • File baseline and approved icons appear in the file info panels in client and hub.
  • Enabling standard project data to be included in templates using Office fields i.e. Project Title, Customer etc. This info is also held in the 'Client Options' block.
  • New HTML attribute exports from spreadsheet cells using the '[attribute class=“foo”]' syntax.
  • The Data Tool now exports the log table for the project as a file called 'log.xml' with as much object renumbering as possible so that the log and project objects could be cross-referenced if necessary.
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