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This article describes the search options available in PIAB server, and guidance on how to configure them.

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Small Team and Enterprise Edition 2.8

Search Interfaces

The current search interfaces available in PIAB are as follows:

Interface Description
Simple Uses a built-in search for filename or descriptive text entered by users.
Windows Search Uses the newer 'Windows Search' service available in Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.
Indexing Service Uses the older 'Indexing Service' available by default in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, and as an option in Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7

Pros and Cons of the Different Interfaces

The 'Simple' Interface

The 'Simple' interface is a built-in function of PIAB. It is the simplest to implement as it does not rely on external Windows services to be installed and configured. It searches using the information available in the database i.e. filenames and descriptions entered by the users when they check-in files. It cannot search within the files themselves.

For help on configuring the 'Simple' interface see: KB2800250 Configuring the 'Simple' Search Interface

The 'Windows Search' inteface uses the Windows Search service to find files. It can search by filename and by file content, so is superior to the 'Simple' interface. Although not all file types can be searched at present, in future it is expected that there may be plugins to search other file types.

Windows Search is installed by default on Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7 and is simple to configure to use with PIAB if the 'doc' store folder is local to the server. It is reported that getting Windows Search to work with remote shares can present problems (this is a Windows issue rather than a PIAB issue) and at the time of writing we recommend that Windows Search is not used in this scenario unless you are confident in being able to implement a remote search correctly.

For help on configuring Windows Search see: KB2800260 Configuring Windows Search

The 'Indexing Service' Interface

Indexing Service is the older search server in Windows Server and XP. It is still available as an option in new versions of Windows.

Like Windows Search, the Indexing Service can search by filename and by file content, so it is superior to the built-in 'Simple' interface. It is known to work with remote network shares, so currently we recommend this interface when your 'doc' store folder is on a remote server.

For help on configuring the Indexing Service interface see: KB2800070 Configuring the Indexing Service

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