KB2410216 Client Install Checklist

These tests are to be perfomed after a client install. The purpose is to check that the interaction with the client desktop is correct, using the local resources e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Word etc. if installed. It assumes that the server is operating correctly

For testing a new install or upgrade of your PIAB server, please see the client-server test plan: KB2410215 Client-Server Test Plan


#Item Done
1.1Has the client setup.exe run OK?
1.2In 'Options/Connection' is the connection type set to match the server e.g. Basic or Integrated Windows Authentication?
1.3In the login form, is the server URL set?
1.4Can you login?
1.5Can you see projects and (optionally) portfolios?
1.6Can you open a portfolio and project (or just a project) and see the process diagrams?
1.7Can you view a file?
1.8Can you check a file out and back in?

If using the Micrsoft Outlook Email Client

#Item Done
2.1Is the email setting correct in 'Options/Email' i.e. Outlook?
2.2Can you successfully email a file to yourself?
2.3Is the PIAB Outlook toolbar installed and enabled in Outlook?
2.4Can you check out a file via email to yourself, receive it and check it back in using the Outlook toolbar?

If using the Email via SMTP

#Item Done
3.1Is the email setting correct in 'Options/Email' i.e. SMTP?
3.3Can you successfully email a file to yourself?

Interactions with Microsoft Office

#Item Done
4.1Which version of MS Office are you using?
4.2In 'Options/General' switch 'Use Title Field in MS Office Docuemnts' on.
4.3View a .doc file. The full file name, including version number should be shown in the title (if one of the standard PIAB template files). If not a standard file, the file's 'Title' field should contain this data.
#Item Done
5.1Can you successfully search for a file and view the results?
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