KB2410050 Integration with Sharepoint

A selection of PIAB Enterprise Hub pages can be called directly with a URL including the Project ID and other settings to enable them to be more easily included in other web applications such as Sharepoint as web parts.


Page Example URL
Overview Project.aspx?projectid=135&hideheader=true&hidemenu=true
Team Team.aspx?projectid=135&hideheader=true&hidemenu=true
Explorer Explorer.aspx?projectid=135&hideheader=true&hidemenu=true
Reports Reports.aspx?projectid=135&hideheader=true&hidemenu=true
CreateReport CreateReport.aspx?projectid=135&hideheader=true&hidemenu=true

In addition there are special pages, not normally available through the standard Enterprise Hub menus, that provide specific information panels.

Page Description Example URL
ProjectInfo The project summary sheet from the Home page ProjectInfo.aspx?projectid=135
TeamInfo The team list for a project. Links open a popup form of user information TeamInfo.aspx?projectid=135

Look and Feel

You can control the overall look and feel of the hub using a single style sheet 'styles.css'. The product ships with alternative style sheets including one that gives a Sharepoint look and feel: 'styles.epm.css'. To use these, simply swap the new stylesheet for the original 'styles.css' file.


This screenshot shows how PIAB 2.4 looks within Sharepoint 2007 using the 'styles.epm.css' stylesheet.

Download as a PDF: piab-2.4-sharepoint-screenshot.pdf

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