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KB2410032 Client Deployment

There are two main options for deploying the PIAB client:

  1. Using the conventional client installer exe.
  2. Download from a web page.

Using the Conventional Client Installer

The client installer exe program is available from your client page on the PIAB website. After install you will need to configure the client for your setup e.g. set the server URL, client options etc.

Using the Download Client

The PIAB client is a .NET 'Files-Only' system, and so can be easily deployed directly from a web page e.g. the PIAB Enterprise Hub or your intranet. The advantage over using the conventional installer is that you can pre-load the client with your choice of settings e.g. server URL and client options.

The utilites to create and deploy the download client are included in the installation in the folder 'make-deployment-client'.

For full details please see: KB2410060 Configuring the Download Client

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