KB2310065 Using LDAP to Create PIAB Users

The PROJECT in a box server program can help create your PROJECT in a box users consistently with your Active Directory uses. This is useful in the situation where you are using a 'Single-Sign-On' scheme. In this scheme, the PIAB user names must match up with the Windows domain login names.

There are four steps to the syncronisation:

Step 1: Enter your LDAP server name, and the username and password to login.

Step 2: Click Read Active Directory Users to read the user names from Active Directory.

Step 3: Select the users you want to sync. with PROJECT in a box.

Step 4: Click 'Users»' or 'Emails»' to copy over user names or primary email addresses into the PROJECT in a box Database.

New Users are 'Contact-Only'

When users are added, they are set up as “Contact-Only” user types, which means that by default they cannot log into PROJECT in a box using the client or Enterprise Hub. If you wish these users to be able to log into PROJECT in box then please use the PROJECT in a box client (using and Admin account) to setup the appropriate user types and to grant access to specific projects.

LDAP Query Settings

Field Default Value
LDAP ServerThe name or IP address of your LDAP server (e.g. Windows Domain Controller)
DomainThe domain name of your windows domain
LDAP UserA username with read access rights on the LDAP server
PasswordThe password to access the LDAP server
LDAP QueryThe query used to access the users. By default this is
LDAP Filter An LDAP filter to return users.By default this is:
ExcludeA text string to exclude unwanted accounts e.g. system or machine accounts. By default this is:
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