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Trends – Intro (7m)

Trends – Explored  (42m)

Example Annual Review

Example Daily Scrum Report


“Turning project data into deep understanding.  Your projects are automatically generating histories as they progress.  These tools help you make sense of that data at project and portfolio levels.”  

Trend Analysis that is powerful and personal

This one of those capabilities that you had always aspired to or sweated blood into excel to achieve.  Now you have a professional system though, you get it automatically.  Therefore making it a real bonus!

trend analysis; project history analysis

You can see trend analysis in action in the 7 min Trends overview video on either You Tube or on our website. Or of course for the full experience our 40 min Trends explored video (You Tube or here on our website).

PROJECT in a box automatically collects data from projects. As well as storing the latest values it also keeps a record of whenever the value changes.  So this history of property changes through the life of the project can be used for analysis. You can run analysis at the project level or also across a set of projects (a portfolio).

Your trend analysis can easily plot any property against time. Yes, you can do the simple things like spend against time.  But you can also do much more interesting plots like predicted baselined end date comparison over time.

Trend analysis makes your reports look great

Five different analysis types are provided for you.  First of all Timelines which you can produce in line and also bar formats. That same data can also be displayed as a separate table. For text type data the Status History Chart is very popular.  And finally the Value Panel looks great when a set are used in reports.

You can either run these analysis live in the application window or use them in reports.  A good example of a report which shows these off well is the Annual Review.

Product Focus

Community Edition – No  trends capability provided.

Personal Edition – No trends capability provided.

Small Team Edition – Full trend analysis capability supported on Small Team Edition.  Only two users will be able to use analysis and can create reports and publish them to the Report Library to share with the rest of the team.

Enterprise and Live Edition – Full trend analysis capability.  You choose how many ‘Manager’ type users you want to have the ability to use trends and produce and publish reports.