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See the intoduction to working with .piabx files here on You Tube or our site.

Your full tutorial set of videos are at the bottom of the page.

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Still using Word files for your project templates?

You didn’t know there was a better solution?

We have been authoring project templates for over twenty years.  Over this time we have created the three sets of official PRINCE2 templates as well as sets for our own methods and for many customers.  Until now we have always made do with using Word for the text type templates.  Most users have access to Word and know how to use it so there is no surprise it is a popular choice.  However Word when being used in conjunction with a corporate PPM tool or EDMS does have some major flaws:

  • the parent system can only insert content using doc properties to 140 characters max.
  • the parent system cannot extract data blocks from the Word file.
  • users can change template structure as well as logos and copyright statements.
  • the read-only flag prevents users saving changes but not making them.
  • users cannot edit their word files in a browser and usually need an app.
  • users often have to scroll a long way to find the sections they need to edit.

 The new piabx templates fix all these issues.  We are now making all our core n-step methods available in both traditional word and new .piabx formats.

You also have choice about editing .piabx files.  The piabx viewed windows app is completely free and can be downloaded with CE and Planner here.  Users of Live, Enterprise and Small Team editions and YourPMO users can also view or work on .piabx files in the browser.

Major upgrades to .piabx capabilities – delivering a better project template

Included in version 5.3 of the multi user platform are some major enhancements to .piab files.  These include the following:

  • now you can use images and hyperlinks as item types
  • you can adjust tables when editing the file, add and remove rows etc
  • Mandatory * indicator and text on each section
  • you can also adjust the structure of your .piabx file when checked out if permitted
  • you can set password control on structure edit, even at a section level
  • your printing options improved
  • better header, footer and logo options
  • You can set up templates from Viewer so no need for piabx designer

 To support your usage of piabx files in both the standalone Viewer App and browser here is a comprehensive set of video tutorials:

  1.  Introduction and overview – 14 min on You Tube
  2. Viewing .piabx files – 10 min on You Tube
  3. Editing .piabx files in the browser – 12 min on You Tube
  4. Editing .piabx files in the Viewer App – 11 min on You Tube
  5. Personalising .piabx files in the Viewer App – 25 min on You Tube
  6. Personalising  .piabx files in the browser – 23 min on You Tube