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File Explorer

Use the Explorer window to work with project files.  The Explorer window contains a 'Project Tree' and a 'Document/File' panel.

The Project Tree

The Project Tree shows the structure of the project, as defined by the template you created the project from, and contains the following elements:

  • The project-level documents and files
  • The stage-level (i.e. repeating) documents and files
  • The 'Specialist' folders, documents and files.

The project-level documents are those that exist and are visible throughout the life of the project.  For example a 'project plan'.

The stage-level documents are those that are relevant to a single stage of the project.  The same kind of documents can be repeated in each stage, e.g. a 'stage plan'.

The 'Specialist' documents are other relevant documents, consumed or created you on the project, that aren't part of the project management process itself.  Examples might include:

  • Outputs from the project itself
  • Guidance and manuals
  • Communications, emails etc.

For more discussion on the different types of documents and how they fit with the project structure, please refer to the PRINCE2 manual.


The Document Panel

The document panel contains information about the selected document and file, and contains the buttons to let you work with the file.

PROJECT in a box has the concept of Document, File and Version which is different from the conventional Windows view of a file, and is helpful in dealing with the real-world issues of project documentation:

  • Document - Each document can contain one or multiple files.
  • File - This corresponds to a single, conventional file e.g a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, a PowerPoint document.
  • Version - a version of the file

Add File to Document

Click 'Add File' to add a new file to the selected document.  This can be one of:

  • A local file uploaded from your C: drive or network
  • A file copied from the project template library
  • A windows or Internet shortcut URL

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