PROJECT in a box has users and customers all over the world.  In fact we have users in every continent on the planet.  We work directly into countries worldwide but we also like to work with a local presence.  So we have agreed for Planing SAS to be our new local partner in South America.

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Partner for South America

Planing SAS are based in Soledad, on the Atlantic Columbia coast.  However, they provide Project Management and planning services across much of South America.  Their services and solutions are pretty comprehensive.  This includes full life cycle from strategy and definition.  And of course supporting planning, execution and evaluation of projects too.

What particularly drew them to us was our support of methodology at the heart of the project.  In particular our adoption of the Praxis Framework with it’s great free resources.

So if you are looking for excellent, professional project support services in South America we recommend you contact Planing SAS directly with your questions or requirements.

Partner for Spanish Language

As part of the partnership Planing SAS are going to be extending our translation support for Community Edition and Planner to include full Spanish language files.  Once these are complete we will be rolling them into the standard installers which you can download for free.

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