Welcome to the third in our series of blogs about buying your project management solution.  In the last two we looked at Buy vs Lease and Assessing value.  This time we are going to be a bit more technical and think about how you will access the system.  Do you just want to use a browser so you can use it anywhere you have internet access? Or would you like a more functional App, perhaps that can work when not on-line?  This Browser or App decision is an important one.

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Browser or App? – The flexibility of browser interfaces

Almost all project management software solutions these days offer a browser interface.  In fact many of the newer project management software solutions will only offer you a browser interface.  This will make it much easier to work with because no install will be required and it should work pretty much the same on any device.

However, it isn’t all good news.  You will likely lose some capability as browsers cannot connect to the device, especially a laptop or desktop PC as well as an App could.  They are also very unlikely to offer any off-line capability, so users will need to be connected to the network or internet to be able to work.

It is likely that a project management software solution which only offers browser interface will be simpler and less capable.

Browser or App? – greater capability in an App

Usually an App will be more work to set up, to download and deploy and it may ever require IT permissions to install on your laptop.  However it will usually give you more complex functions the browser interface couldn’t support.  This is especially the case when working with files.  So if you are organizing your project documentation like in PROJECT in a box, using an app can be very helpful.

If you choose to deploy an App it can often allow you to continue to do work when off-line.  So even if you lose connection to your server or the internet you may still be able to  work.

Browser or App? –  why not both?

Of course why restrict yourself to one thing or the other?  With PROJECT in a box we provide both a Windows App for desktops and Laptops and a browser interface.  This gives you the best of both worlds.  You can log in and use the browser interface anywhere, on the go on your phone or tablet.  But when you are at a computer you can choose to use the same browser interface or pull down the Windows App and get a richer experience with enhanced capabilities.

And this is the case whether you use our hosted systems like Live Edition or YourPMO.  Or have an on-premise solution like Small Team or Enterprise Editions.