Project reporting is an essential part of project management and at the core of most methodologies.  There are many reasons for this but at the core is decision making.  To make any decision you must have information.  To make the best decisions you must have good accurate and timely information .  That is why when organisations buy new project tools, reporting is so high up on the list of requirements. So the new status report is another helpful tool in this regard.

Status report quickly and consistently

The system contains many report templates, one for each type of report you need to produce.  The template controls the layout, structure and contents of the report. This allows identical reports to be produced for each project at the touch of a button.

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The new status report works in just the same way, you simply select it from the menu and run it for your current project.  As you can see here above the output is usually straight to word so it can be easily printed.  Depending on the complexity and status of the project it is usually two to three pages but the cover page is always the same.

The first page always starts with a set of coloured status indicators, a main project status one and then nine others covering topics from Benefits and finances to tasks, risks, issues and plan progress.  A new feature in 5.4 allows the colour of the panel to be controlled by the value of the property.  Your report’s first page is completed with Commentary, Description and key dates roles and two remaining graphics.  Firstly the Finances timeline for the last six months and the risk heat map.

Having such clear graphical indicators on the front page means you can decide quickly how the project is performing. If the project is doing well you can move on to another and if it isn’t you turn the page.

The remainder of the report is conventional analysis of project data.  A summary gantt chart with a matching financial analysis and a list of all overdue tasks.  If the project is large or performing poorly this will often push the report out onto three or more pages.  The status report is finished with the top ten Risks and Issues.

Status report that fits your projects

As with all the other 60+ report templates this status report is available for personalisation.  You could just change the logos and perhaps also the fonts for corporate branding.  But you can also change the contents of the reports if required.  You could change the status blocks or even the analysis sections.  We have designed reporting so you can make these changes yourself, if you wish.

To browse a PDF version of this status report click here.

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