It can be a hectic time in  any project.  Right at the beginning when you need to develop your plan.  But actually getting all that information together and into your planning tool can take an age.  We have often been in that situation so we have added a new ‘Quick type tasks’ facility.  This makes it easy to create a quick plan in Planner.

Quick plan by copy and paste

Often when you start developing your project plan you will already have a list of tasks.  Perhaps a table in a proposal or a spreadsheet.  So if you need to create a quick plan you can just copy paste that task list into Planner and the tasks appear.  It automatically assumes a FS dependency between each task as this is the most common plan type.  So immediately your plan takes shape.  If you also have duration info for your tasks you can include it in your copy paste too.  Your duration data might be a 2nd column or separated by a comma.  Duration formats can be in hours, days, weeks, months and even years.

Depending where you are copying from you can use options to change the separator.  With options you can also choose if the data you are adding will append, insert at current location or replace the current plan.

Typing your quick plan

Copy paste is good but you can also type into the text area.  You can also edit your paste as well and see the changes real time on the right.  This makes fleshing out your quick plan really easy.

quick plan; planning software

Quick plan including groups

So you can also set up groups in your tasks while copying and typing a new quick plan.  Simply include two spaces before any tasks in a lower group as shown here in the screen shot above.

And of course with Planner this is all totally free.  Just sign up here to download the latest version.  Get a quick tutorial of this feature here on YouTube.

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