Cyber security is no joke, it seems like everyday there are reports of another organisation struggling.  So when we host peoples projects for them we take every care.  Some customers have knowledgeable Cyber security experts of their own and grill us.  But plenty of other organisations lack those skills and that is where Cyber Essentials comes in.

Cyber Essentials verification

This process is an assessment of the organisations systems, practices and approaches with relation to cyber security.  An independent assessor does the assessment to ensure their is no bias.  We have recently passed out latest re certification assessment.  This means we have been successful every time.

So we are now wearing our badge with pride and find that this helps customers have confidence in us.

cyber essentials

Of course this applies to all of our products and services but in particular to our Live Edition SaaS service.

Beyond Cyber essentials

Of course we do more than the minimum needed to meet the standard and this includes regular penetrating testing.  We don’t publish this information but if you are interested in our products we are happy to discuss it with you.

If you want to find out more about this standard you can read on here.