Of course we want our software to be available for as many people to use as possible.  English is the default language of all of our software.  But all of our tools use locale language files.  This means they can support any language a user needs.  The language files support the interface functions such as form names and buttons.  This approach does not translate the file or diagram contents such as templates.  In many of our systems of course you can also change these directly into your preferred languages.  So lets explore this multi-lingual capability further.

Multi-lingual Planner

Although Planner and Community Edition are free products they still provide this very helpful multi-lingual capability.  Both tools have relatively modest language files.  So you can even translate them using notepad.  Existing users have helpfully undertaken translations and provided the language files back to us for distribution.  Therefore Planner and CE already have the following partial language files: French (fr), Spanish (es), Dutch (nl), Polish (pl) and Czech (cs).  We can also announce that Italian (it) has just been added thanks to the information provided by  user Davide Briani.

If you would like to help out in this effort then feel free to either extend one of the existing language files or create a new one.  We have a helpful page here on our Knowledge base covering how to do it.

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To download the latest Planner and CE installer with this new translation please click here.

Multi-lingual Project Management tools for your organisation

Our PROJECT in a box multi-user tools also support language files.  Having a much more substantial set of functionality though they have a much larger language file with many more terms.  You can have these professionally translated with our service.  Or alternatively you can translate them yourself.  We provide a great translation tool to take some of the effort out of this.

If you want to discuss this further or see some examples just contact us and we will be glad to help.

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