Just one of life’s million annoying little things, but it happens to us all. You spend all that time carefully crafting a schedule for your upcoming project. And then the start date changes… Perhaps priorities pull it forwards or delays push it back. But when that plan start date changes you inevitably have to move your tasks around to refit.

plan start date

Plan start date moves made easy

Of course if your plan has made good use of dependencies there may only be a few tasks to move.  But if you have a large plan working through to be sure can take a while.  And you might miss those outlying milestones or tasks without a dependency.  So we have introduced a great new feature into Planner to help you with plan start date moves.

This simply moves all tasks which don’t have an incoming dependency by a set number of days.  You can move the first task in the project to start today if you want.  And the function will move the others to suit.  Alternatively you can also just bump forwards or back a set number of days.

Plan start date in templates

We had a particular reason for adding this feature.  The way our project management tools work is to establish a new project with a preconfigured set of templates.  Of course this is very popular and gets the project off and running on the right foot.  Usually one of the key templates will be a project plan/schedule.  Often the plan template will contain a predefined set of tasks and also resources.  You will helped our greatly by this when setting up your project.  But it means you will always needs to move the plan start date  on first edit.

We have added a new video to our popular Planner Masterclass series on exactly this topic.  Planner templates is the eleventh masterclass and you can see it here.  It explores 7 aspects of Planner templates you can take advantage of.

To jump straight to the section on changing plan start date use this link.

You can download the Planner installer with this upgrade for free from here.

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