So as the scale of Corona virus impacts increase it looks like many of us will soon be working from home.  For many people this will be an unusual experience.  Here at PROJECT in a box many of us have been regular or occasional home workers.  So we thought we would put those fifteen years of experience to good use.  The result is our Survival guide to working from home.

working from home; self isolation

We have prepared the guide as videos on You tube and split them into three easy to follow parts.

Working from home – part 1 – tools

In this first session we get you to think about preparing to work from home.  So what are you going to need in terms of tools and connectivity?  Of course with internet being so good in many homes this should be easy.  But if yours isn’t we give some tips.

You will also want to think about supporting comms with phone or tools like skype.  To enable you to keep your projects running smoothly of course you will need some shared access to something like Live Edition too.

Working from home – part 2 – working environment

You will face plenty of practical issues with your new working environment.  These will apply whether you are a regular remote worker or are just self isolating for a week or two.  In this session we advise you about how and where to set up your work space.

It is likely you won’t have an ideal space available, most people don’t.  So we give some helpful advice about which factors to consider when weighing up your choices.

Working from home – part 3 – keeping focus

You will find positives and negatives of working from home.  In this third part we cover how to keep motivated and productive in your new surroundings.  We also talk about the advantages of working from home and how maximizing these will keep you focused.

The meat of this guide is in the videos.  So use the links above to see them one at a time or here for the full playlist.

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