Many of you have found our software demo capability very helpful when thinking about buying PROJECT in a box.  So we have great news for you.  When you use the live software demo you will now be seeing the current version 5.3.

All you have to do is follow the link to the page and log in.  You will then be able to browse and interact with a populated example site.  We have limited the capabilities in some areas so for example you can view files but not edit them.  But you will get a really good feel for how simple and easy the system is to use.

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Software Demo – Live Edition version 5.3

You will be able to browse a whole range of different project types and see the new dynamic navigation display in action.  This included PRINCE2, Praxis framework and Scrum projects as well as projects developed with our n-step methods.

Of course you can also explore the impressive reporting interface and choose to run any of the report types you might like to see.  You can also explore reporting at programme and portfolio levels too.  We have also set it up so you can try out the new edit and customisation of .piabx files.

To make it very easy to follow we have also provided a tutorial guide video showing you how to log on.  This also points out some of the interesting projects and capabilities to explore.

We intend this to be a helpful step in the buying process.  You can look through the system and try it out without having to register or leave card details.  That means nobody will be giving you the hard sell.  Of course if you like it do contact us and we can arrange for a fully interactive evaluation as the next step.

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