We all know how having a good project plan is critical to success.  However just having the plan is not enough.  You also need to share it and the understanding it contains.  With many planning tools this is a problem.  Sometimes due to deliberate choices but also by poor design.  For example licensing limits or lack of features for formatting outputs.  Planner doesn’t suffer from either of these issues.  So with Planner you can achieve excellent project plan presentation.

Project plan presentation on-screen

Planner gives you  a rethought planning interface.  So many other planning tools provide project data in-line with the Gantt chart rows, Planner goes beyond this. We do this by providing the Gantt chart above the the data rows below.  That way you get to see much more of both and clicking in one puts you into the right place in the other.

We have talked often about how the views capability in Planner gives you total control on what you see.  Not just which data columns you see but also which set of tasks.  So if you just want Milestones or you just want overdue tasks, or your tasks, you can filter that.  That means you won’t have irrelevant tasks cluttering your project plan presentation.  You can find out more about views here.

project plan presentation; gantt chart; free planning tools

Some of you will no doubt have large hi-res monitors, perhaps even a pair of them.  We have noticed that as this trend has increased users have struggled to see the details of their plans.  So with that in mind we have a new Planner version out which allows you to choose the font and Gantt size arrangements for your plan.  This makes it much easier to read the plans on high res monitors.

Project plan presentation outputs shared

So having your plan and being able to work on it is very important.  But it is also essential you can share access to it with other parties.  These other parties might be your members, contractors, partners, customers or even regulators.  With some of them you will want to provide the plan so they can update it or interact fully with it.  Of course because Planner is totally free they can download it and do exactly that.  With other parties you want to provide snap shots or reports which blend other information in your project plan presentation.

Again Planner comes to the rescue and this time offers you a number of ways of sharing content.  Planner has a reporting facility which provides PDF output for your current data.  Because this takes note of the view you are using it can report on a subset of your project plan if needed.  We have significantly enhanced this feature in the new latest Planner version by allowing you to choose scale and quality.  By scale we mean you can choose font sizes and the sizing of Gantt elements.  By quality we mean you can choose the resolution of the Gantt image.   So you can see you are really in control of this reporting.

project plan presentation; free gantt chart; free planning tools

Sometimes you will want to mix your project plan presentation in with other outputs for a more formal report.  Perhaps running multiple views to identify say overspending tasks and upcoming milestones in the same report.  Using Planner you can do this too.  Just right click on the data or image you want and you can copy to clipboard and paste into another file or email.

Do you have a lot of tasks in your project plan presentation?

But what if your task list is too long for a single image on a report page?   Don’t worry Planner has your back again.  You use advanced copy Gantt chart as image in the import/export menu.  This allows you to decide how many tasks per image and then creates the multiple images for you.

Project plan presentation mastered and it is free

These are the sort of features you don’t even get on top end commercial planning applications.  And of course we provide you this and it is free.  You can get your free forever Planner by signing up here.

If you want to see this live we have  covered it in our Planner masterclass 10 – perfect presentation.  And of course the full set of Planner Masterclasses are here.

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