Project management is an area which is relatively young in the academic tradition.  Also many of us didn’t formally study project management except maybe a PRINCE2 course sometime.  So is always lots more to learn. Much of the pure research that academics do is available directly in journals.  But for most of us Journals are hard work to follow.  So are you missing out on these new ideas?  Not necessarily, because many bloggers revise and simplify this material.  Project managers who blog also often talk about their own experiences.  Such info on real world problems and solutions, even failures, can be a great help.  When you are a newby PM that is especially the case.  So with that in mind we have put together a list of Project Management Blogs you should be following in 2020.

Bloggers also provide tool reviews which can be really helpful. However often these tool reviews are paid for to fund the blogs.  So a pinch of salt is always advised.

We haven’t ordered these and they all have varying things to offer.  So lets take a look.

project management blogs for 2020


Technically not one blog but a collection of great blogs from a range of bloggers and all found on the same page.  This set of Project management blogs is curated by the PMI and they take a hard line view of anything overtly commercial.  So that means no tool reviews and book plugging just good quality material from good authors.

Quite a lot of Agile content here, but also project financial issues, stories and experiences of PMs like yourself.  This is a great place to start.


2 Praxis Framework Blog

Again more like a collection of blogs and articles which keeps it varied and the quality levels up.  All the contributors here are involved in supporting the Praxis framework (among their many varied other interests).  Topics here often go beyond pure project management and into more general management theory so if you don’t have a strong academic background then you will find lots here to help deepen your understanding.  Many of the contributors here run their own blogs (Ron Rosenhead, Robert Buttrick, Melanie Franklin, David Hillson) as well as Mr project management Adrian Dooley.


3 The APM Blogs

The last of our ‘collection’ listings and no great surprise it is the other professional institution for project management.  As you would expect for a professional body there is a broad range of material here from a wide range of contributors (myself included occasionally).  Topics cover development, best practice, research/academic, team working and many more subjects.  Great if you need your daily fix as there is pretty much a post a day.


4 How to manage a Camel

A very active project management blog from the team at arrasPEOPLE.  This blog is more UK centered and has lots of career and training advice as well as a strong theme around PMO topics.  Highly recommended for those new to project management.  I think this was the first project management blog I regularly read and it is still going strong.


5 Girls Guide to PM

Don’t worry it is for the guys too.  I remember Elizabeth Harrin’s blog from when it first started and was reporting on the PM world from a female perspective.  But it didn’t take long to bloom into one of the best and most informative project management blogs from any perspective.  This blog is highly accessible and another one which is great for people at the newer end.


6 Project Bliss

Leigh Espy’s blog is nice and accessible and covers a good range of project management topics.  Also a good mix of general management , career development and agile material too.  Leigh also provides free templates from time to time.


7 Better Projects

Something from Australia next.  Better projects is a nice and high brow blog quite academic and with quite a focus on team working and organisational subjects.


8 The Lazy Project Manager

This is Peter Taylor’s blog and named after his well known book.  A light hearted and often contrary view on the topics we can often be way too precious about.  You can rest assured there are no sacred cows for Peter and he will make you look at things in a different and more critical way.  In our opinion that is always a good thing.


9 Brad Egeland

Brad is one of the most prolific writers in Project Management today.  As well as his own blog he regularly contributes to PMI blogs and others and there is always something new to be read.  This runs as a project management  blog and in other technology areas too.


10 PROJECT in a box blog

There are no surprises for guessing we were going to make the list.  Our blog focuses mainly on methodology topics and best practice for working with our software.  Both the commercial stuff and the free stuff.  Written by Malcolm West a 20+ year member of the APM and previous winner of the APM’s Sir Monty Finniston Award it will keep you nicely up to date with what is going on with the best free project management software in the world.

Project Management Blog

Other Project Management blogs are available…

Lets face it there are loads, but they come and go many start busy and fade away as life gets busy or the shit hits the fan in the day job.  We chose these not because we were paid or because we arranged some return favours but because these are the project management blogs that we actually read ourselves.  And because they have a pedigree, continue to be active into 2020 and promise much more for years to come.

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