So many software providers say ‘free’ but really mean trial.  But not with PROJECT in a box, when we say free we mean free.  When we first started our business over 15 years ago, it was with the launch of Community Edition.  The first and proudly still the only free PRINCE2 software.  Of course over the years we have improved and extended CE and also added further free software to the stable.  So now our free software bundle is unrivaled providing three tools and covering many methodologies. And now in the closing days of the decade we have refreshed it all again.

Read on for more details or watch the video on YouTube here.

Free software – Community Edition, your methodology partner

Community Edition is your free methodology and process tool.  You simply choose the type of project you want to have from the pick list.  When you give it a name it all the process and templates are set up.  Then you simply follow the steps laid out to structure and control your project documentation.  The discipline and methodology structure this gives the project is outstanding.  You can version templates and collect any supporting documentation you need for the project.

When you are selecting your project, choose from twelve different methods including PRINCE2, Scrum and our ever popular nStep family of methods for pre-scaled projects.  So you now get the proven reliability and ease of use of CE and also all the latest content.

See more about Community Edition and the methodologies it supports.

Free software – Planner, project controls perfected

You know that good project controls are essential for a successful project but so many tools play this only lip service.  Planner is the project controls tool of choice for many organisations and project professionals and it is totally free.  Planner has three themes:

  • Plan – Gantt chart planning, dependencies, tasks, resources, milestones, costs (Budget, Actual and Progress).  You can even import and also export from MS Project and other data formats.
  • Risks – creating, assessing and responding to risks in your project.  Inherent and residual weightings, multiple responses, charts and analysis to put you in control.
  • Issues – create direct from your risks or new for those surprise issues. Score and rate them, manage responses and also collect change information.  Of course analysis and charts as well.

You can use Planner standalone or with the template plans and registers provided in Community Edition.  As Planner is free software you can share planner files with anyone you need to.

Find out more about Planner here.

Free Software – .piabx Viewer, improved project templates

We all use templates for our projects, great to help with consistency.  Most people, including us, will generally use Word as it is easy and quick.  However using Word for templates has all sorts of problems.  We cover that here if you don’t already know what we mean. We developed .piabx templates to fix these issues giving you templates for the 21st Century.  And now with the upgraded .piabx Viewer you can edit the templates too (if the template owner gives you permission).  We also extended the model so you can have images and web links collected.

Again of course because .piabx viewer is free software you can share your templates with anyone you want.  Find out more about the .piabx Viewer here.

Getting your free software Bundle

This really couldn’t be easier.  Simply register on our page here and we give your the link to download and a reminder email in case you need to install later.  The link runs the installer which adds/upgrades all three free software tools for you at the same time.

free software; free project management software

Remember this is free software, not a trial.  You could join the community of 500,000 users who use our free software tools to deliver their software better.

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