So today we can tell you all about the new version of PIAB.  Version 5.3 is for Live Edition, Small Team and Enterprise Editions.  It has been quite a while coming but good things are always worth the wait.  And in this case it is no exception.  The advanced PM capabilities are unrivaled in the market.

Dynamic navigation for advanced PM guidance

Users have always found our navigation diagrams great for following a process. Now you can do even more with the diagrams.  And these new facilities will keep your project teams even more focused on doing the right thing.  You can display real time project data from properties directly on the diagram.  This keeps team members in touch with the important info without them having to go searching for it.  Users can also more easily distinguish between different projects which use the same method.

advanced pm;project management methodology

In addition you can now also offer more targeted links to other features from the diagrams.  This really helps with keeping less experienced users focused on the important aspects of managing projects.

Advanced PM that goes beyond Word Templates

We are all familiar with word templates.  They have many benefits but also quite a few drawbacks.  Our .piabx alternatives to word templates have taken huge steps forward in this release.  Now you can collect new data types including images and links making your template files much more practically useful.  Probably the best new feature though is the ability to edit the form of template files live.  Of course this is password controlled so your templates can remain rigidly fixed if you want, so just content could be added.  But now you can allow users to extend or alter the sections of the template.  This means using blank templates and building new files live in the browser is easy to do.  Therefore users have many more ways they can use these templates in real world situations.

Other advanced PM features in version 5.3

Of course there are other new features including property changes, new reports and a whole set of new methods.

As usual we have prepared launch materials on all of these topics with videos on You Tube as follows:

Intro and overview with slides and commentary (11min).

Exploring Dynamic Navigation (12min).

Investigating .piabx templates (10min).

Property enhancements and new method templates (16min).

If you want a deeper dive into .piabx then check out the page focused just on that.  Where we have prepared a .piabx training programme of videos.

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