So many project management systems don’t think about process.  And most of those that do have a single fixed idea of the process.  So imagine being able to use multiple different processes in the same system.  Then imagine you can use the ones provided or set up your own personalized methodology.  And these can include reporting, graphics and even permissions differences. Now you start to see how PROJECT in a box users feel.  We call this spec of how your project should be a ‘Method Template’.  Of course you can use our popular off the shelf method templates if you want.  But you can also personalize them or create your own bespoke methods to match the needs of your organisation.

personalized methodology

Personalized methodology – first steps

Many customers start by using our popular off the shelf methods to create their first projects.  You can take these and give them your own look and feel by following these simple steps:

  • Change our existing templates for your own.  So you can have your Business case or Work Package document containing the fields and language you prefer.
  • Add your own branding.  All you have to do is change the default navigation images.  So it is easy for you to use your logo or change colours to match your corporate standards.

We can do these things for you if required.  But you can also do them yourselves, that is the beauty on PROJECT in a box and Method Manager.

Personalized methodology – your own bespoke methods

But that isn’t all.  Perhaps you want a different language? or different processes? new content? less content? more or less functional prompts for the users? Gates in your process? or Managers to see different things to team members? Of course all of these are possible.  When you use Method Manager to create (or alter) a method template you can do all of these things.

Of course this doesn’t mean anyone can adjust the project process.  Only Admin permissioned users have access to method templates and you also decide who can install Method Manager.  With Method Manager you can truly own the process you want users to follow and even evolve it over time. So that personalized methodology you have been dreaming of is finally within reach.

We have started a new series of videos showing you around Method Manager.  You can see the first intro one here on YouTube with more to come soon working through the detail step by step.

If you have any other questions just ask.

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