For many organisations project management has always been a black art.  Much has been done over recent years to try and address this.  In particular with the development of methodology and process best practice.  Sending project managers on training courses and the rise in PM qualifications has also helped.  However project management has still lagged behind other aspects in the organisation when it comes to digital transformation.  In this post we take a look at how you can buck the trend and gain major benefits.

Digital Transformation – what is it?

Simply put it is taking your manual activities and making them digital.  Most organisations have already done this with things like finances and stock control but relatively few with their PM.  So to be clear we are not talking about AI and robot project managers.  Too much of the PM’s role is about communications and conflict resolution to realistically expect that to be digital.  But there are many parts of a PMs role which can be.

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Digital transformation – quick wins

Big benefits can be gained in the following two areas:

Governance – Define standards for your project processes and then manage these digitally.  When you do this it is then much easier to keep track of compliance.  You will have easier audit and better intervention into problem projects.  You will also be able to switch PMs mid flight if you need to, and that can be huge in a recovery situation.  Whats more your teams will love you for the change.  That single version of the truth cuts down on mistakes and rework.  Team members don’t waste their time trying to find latest versions of things.  Project managers don’t have to chase for status updates, saving their valuable time.

Reporting – Your system assembles reports for you in real time from its existing data.  Reporting is usually a major part of the PMO and PMs role, it takes up a lot of their time and energy.  Delays in issuing reports are common when the process is manual, as it takes a long time.  Your management are therefore always making decisions based on old data not current data. Also however careful people are mistakes also inevitably creep in to manual reports.  When people work with so much data and calcs it is almost impossible to avoid.  Of course when the system generates reports it removes error and gives real time results. And you will end up with much better looking reports, such as our Project Statement or Weekly review.  Giving you double the reporting with no extra effort.

Further benefits of digital transformation

Project management expertise is a precious resource in most organisations so having it spent doing menial tasks is a real waste.  When you digitise these tasks you also free that resource to tackle the more complex parts of their job.  So your PMs will have more time for communications and resolving conflict to give you more successful projects.  Or of course they can manage multiple projects where before they could only manage one at a time.

Your next steps towards the benefits of digital transformation

This is the first post in a series on digital transformation. We will be posting more videos and guides on how you can do this over the coming weeks.  Our team are also appearing in the upcoming Sky Business Digital transformation documentaries.  We will also be linking to copies of those in our You Tube channel.