Tips on how to kick start a project

Starting a project can be difficult sometimes. So to help get you started, here are some useful key tips. As a subscriber to the PROJECT magazine , we have taken in some useful tips from the article ‘How to kick off a brilliant project’ by Emma De Vita. Lets go through a few, that we find to be the most important.


starting a project

Build a cohesive project team

We find that this is one of the most important tips to starting a project. The reason for this is because it is essential that your team get along during risky and stressful times. In order to have a strong team there are certain qualities that are absolutely crucial; trust is one of the main key qualities that any team should have. This is massively beneficial because it can take time to build a strong team, and you have to have trust in team members. Your team has to be able to work sufficiently together. So having a strong and collaborative team, who have trust in each other, is vital.

Have one clear vision for everyone

In order to have a successful project you and your team should all have the same clear vision for where the project is going. Project managers should always be as clear as possible when explaining the project and events to the team. It is also very important that project managers keep these conversations and their reasons completely relevant and clear. All teams need to be able to have clear visions of achieving the projects aims.

Set a strong culture and pace

Maintaining a good pace throughout project tasks will be very beneficial to completing your project. This means keeping at a regular tempo and allowing enough time to complete each task. It is also very important that you and your team don’t spend too much time relaxing. Similarly, avoid slacking off and wasting time. Time is the most crucial factor for completing your project. To set the culture, as a manager, you need to show your team just how important the project is. Communication is key. Having anticipation for the end can also be beneficial as it prepares your team right from the beginning. By visualising the end goal and thinking ahead, can help your team understand the upcoming steps of the project.

Using PROJECT in a box enables you to complete these 3 tips to help start up your project. The method template for your project will help your structure your team, establish and communicate your vision and manage the pace of your project more easily. You can find out more about method templates here by reading more or watching the video

If you are new to projects then our Project Management Basics videos will be very helpful, here is starting a project.

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