Most software systems churn out the same old reports with little to inspire you or the viewer.  So to most the idea of getting reports which match your current ones is just a pipe dream.  Well in that case we have great news for you.  With PROJECT in a box you get sixty inspiring and innovative standard reports but we don’t stop there. Because you can have personalized reporting too.

Personalized reporting made easy

You can make these changes yourself if you wish.  We are not like many of the other vendors who sell you an empty system then make most of their money from consultancy. With PROJECT in a box you get your 60+ reports and can edit them yourself or add totally new ones.  This means you can use some of our existing really popular reports like Project Statement or Weekly Review. And no need to start again simply edit the part you want to change using the report specification form.  So want to swap overdue tasks for overspending High value tasks then that is easy.  Likewise switching the Gantt view for a Milestone timeline takes just a few seconds.  If you are collecting customized data like Health and Safety for instance you can have those new key stats appearing or a coloured status show up.

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When using Word output report formats you can also easily change your logos, fonts and design elements to match corporate requirements.  And of course you can do this yourself if you want so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Help with your personalized reporting

Some customers don’t want to take on making these changes and of course we are always happy to help.  So you can just send us your report design mocked up in word and we can do the set up for you.  We do that from our offices and on an hourly rate to keep the costs for personalized reporting down.

If you want to find out more about reporting using PROJECT in a box have a look at these great You Tube videos:

Reporting overview (4m)

Reporting Explored (37m)

and since those videos were made you can now also add trend analysis to your reports, see here: Trend Analysis (7m)

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