Planning is not only a project management essential but a major life skill.  So it is such a great pity that many people cannot plan well.  We have helped by provided Planner as a free project planning tool.  Users though are still regularly asking us questions about the very basics of planning.  So as a counterpoint to our Planner Masterclass sessions we are now launching Planner 101.  This series of video tutorials will cover the planning basics in six simple steps.

Planning Basics – its all about tasks

In the first video we explain about tasks.  We cover why these are so important and the three different types that can be used.  Of course we also show you how to set these up in the tool.  There is no point building a wall without strong footings.  Likewise, don’t bother planning without a good understanding of tasks .  So when it comes to Planning basics this is where to start.

But just because you master tasks you are not a master planner, that is just the start.

Planning basics – dependencies maketh the plan

If tasks are the essential building blocks of the plan then it is dependencies which bring it to life.  Which dependencies you use and between which tasks control the flow and logic of the plan.  It is these links that make it a plan and where lots of planning novices go wrong.

We show you how you should use dependencies and how to set them up.  We talk about single and multiple dependencies as well as running dependencies from summary groups.

The third planning basics topic we cover is resourcing.  We show you how to identify which people will work on delivering each task and for what proportion of their time.  This is done by assigning resources to the required tasks.  Again of course we show how this is done in practice and cover hints and tips.

Get started addressing your planning basics

If you want you can view these video tutorials independently.  However you will get far greater benefit by using them with the free Planner tool.  Planner is totally free forever and is licensed so that anyone in any organisation can use it.  Simply sign up to download Planner from here.

Use the links to view the full playlists for Planner 101 or the Planner Masterclasses.

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