In earlier blog posts we have looked at what the P3M3 framework is and how to use it.  We then also looked at how your organisation can quickly leap up those scores to a three by using PIAB.  So now in this third video of the series we explore how you can scale the heights of P3M3 Maturity.

p3m3 maturity

P3M3 maturity does not occur overnight

Firstly a warning, you you cannot expect to break into the higher levels of maturity overnight. Yes you can get to level 3 pretty quickly.  And we gave some good practical advice on this in the earlier post and video.  However you will have to let those achievements bed in and become the norm before you can press on further.  Think of Level 3 as your P3M3 base camp. The earlier steps were about standardizing your process and systems.  So you will need a period of experience operating like that to understand it.  Then you can move on to more managed and optimized levels.

Having reviews in your processes and collecting and then using lessons learned will help you to identify and absorb improvements.  PIAB provides your review documentation and lessons learned library.  These really help you implement these important steps.  Also customers will often feed important lessons back into new projects as possible risks.  In fact we have done a generic version of this for you for free.  See learning from lessons on YouTube here.

Building your p3m3 maturity with higher functions

Optimizing process alone will not elevate you into higher maturity levels.  You will also need to manage resources and this is usually easier now your teems are consistently collecting this information.  You should also be finding more time for Stakeholder management and measuring this so it can be better managed.

Our comprehensive YouTube video takes you through all these areas and should be essential view for anyone serious about scaling the heights. You also shouldn’t forget to check out our P3M3 page here.


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