For those of you who are already PIAB users we have great news.  This month sees the launch of the new Version 5.2 for Live Edition and also Enterprise and Small Team editions.  As usual we have prepared some videos to take you through the great new PM capabilities.  If you don’t have too much time there is an intro video.  The intro video is slides and commentary only.

So if you want to know more the other videos take you through each area showing the new PM capabilities in action.

New PM Capabilities – Trend Analysis

This will be great news to many users as we know some of you have been looking forward to this.  PIAB now takes your changes in property data and automatically creates a history of them.  You can they use that history data to produce live trend analysis.  You can also use trend analysis in reports at project and portfolio levels.  There is a choice about the types of displays for reporting including timelines, status bars and value panes.

Other new PM capabilities in version 5.2

We have provided a new set of report templates so you can use trend analysis immediately.  These 61 report templates therefore allow you to run off the shelf or to personalize for your own needs.

trend analysis; project trends;history; portfolio trends;pm capabilities

We know many of you have been taking a deep interest in the new Practical Scrum method.  This is included in the release free for all active customers.

We have also provided other new capabilities in the security and integration areas.  These are always popular with corporate customers.

Adopting the new PM capabilities

This 5.2 version will be the launch platform for all new Enterprise or Small Team Edition customers and also Live Edition services.  Customers with current maintenance cover can upgrade as soon as they want.  Other customers will need to renew their maintenance contracts to upgrade to Version 5.2.

If you have any questions about this process or want a private walk through just let us know.


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