We all know what at the heart of a well run Scrum Project there will always be a Product Backlog.  So when we started working on the Practical Scrum method creating one was a high priority.  We wanted to support you with great Scrum practice and also give you flexibility.  That could be a difficult challenge but by using a spreadsheet backlog we have managed it.  So if you are new to Scrum you can use our provided Product Backlog.  And if you already have a well proven popular template, just simply swap your in.  You get this flexibility because the method is templates and changes are easy.  Hence no need for database recoding if you want to add a field or change a calc.

Product Backlog features

First of all we have made the backlog focus around stories.  Because these feel natural and are easy for everyone to understand.  The backlog has space to explain the story and also a field for storing a link to an expanded story.  Because sometimes that extra detail is really useful.  Each story goes through an assessment phase including effort estimation

This is your product backlog of unassigned stories. The template supports both entire product and sprint levels in the one file which makes it easy to rejig and move stories when sprint planning.  Each sprint consists of your chosen set of stories with a resource pool and timescale for delivery.

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Now your sprint is up and running.  So each day you will be updating the template.  You will be estimating the remaining work needed to complete the planned activities.  The Product backlog template rolls these estimates up to produce your burndown chart.  The template also creates the other stats you need to monitor progress.

As the Product Backlog is a spreadsheet editing will be familiar.  You also won’t need internet access to work on the file.

Getting your free Product Backlog tool

Practical Scrum including the free Product backlog tool is available for use by anyone on our Community Edition tool.  This will be launched in the next few days and available here to download for free.  Customers of our commercial tools can also add on Practical scrum for free from their user accounts.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Product backlog why not take a look at the video on You tube here.  Of course you could email us and we might be convinced to give you pre-release access.

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