So often we hear users saying how project software tools have set ways of doing things.  The sort of annoying restrictions that prevent them from matching their required policies.  We know that although most teams have similar approaches to risk and issue management, there are still differences to handle.  That is why Planner gives you control over these things.  So whether you are using it in RAID log, risk or Issue Register mode, you can set the lists.

RAID log, Risk or Issue Register or just a Plan?  Your choice

We have talked before in these posts about how Planner supports you with risks, issues and tasks.  You are in control about which of these you choose for each Planner file.  So you can have one .spn file as a RAID log if you want combining risks, issues, action and decisions.  You can then also have a separate .spn file as a schedule/plan only if you want.  Of course you can also have all three in the same file which is very popular for smaller/simpler projects.  All this is possible because Planner allows you to choose the data types used in each file.  When you are setting up your own method this gives you flexibility about who you allow to update each type of data.  Once you have made your choices you can even lock this with the password protection.

RAID log;risk and issue register customisation

Customising the content of your Registers or RAID log

Whilst most organisations have roughly the same approach to risk and issue management there are always subtle differences.  They might calculate risk ratings or group their issues differently.  Planner handles all this allowing you to make the following changes:

  • Risk category groupings
  • Risk rating calculation
  • Colour bands for risk ratings
  • Issue types
  • Issue Priorities
  • Total status choices for plan, risk and issues
  • Risk and Issue status entries and colours
  • Response types and statuses

RAID log; customization or risk register and issue register

Of course our standard Planner templates are not password protected so you can adjust these to fit your needs.  However when thinking about setting them up to support consistent collection of data across an organisation you are likely to want to lock them.  When you adjust the .spn files in your method like this and password protect them you can be confident you are collecting consistent data from all your projects.  That will really help you with reporting and analysis and growing your maturity ratings.

Getting hold of Planner to improve your RAID logs

Planner is totally free and always will be. You can use it forever both personally and in corporate situations, in fact many organisations have adopted it as their default planning tool.

Simply sign up here to download your copy today.  You can see this customisation in action in the latest Planner Masterclass video here on our You Tube channel.

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